Monday, December 12, 2011

Cacti graphing Enviromux Mini - 65535

I was having difficulty using the Cacti templates for the Enviromux Mini.  Values for the temp and humidity probes were returning a maximum value of 65535 which can also occur if the sensor isn’t connected.  We have several of these devices and they are nice monitoring solutions.  I had to make a few changes to the SNMP OID values.  I used this page as reference:

For things to work in Cacti I needed to add a trailing zero to each value.

Humidity Sensor 1     .

Temp Sensor 1            .



Grab the templates from here and import them into Cacti


Modify the temperate and humidity templates as follows by changing the OID values.



ENVIROMUX – Humidity



Now add your devices, then Data Sources, and finally add new graphs.  This should work for later firmware versions of the Enviromux Mini.  I happen to be using firmware 1.41.

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